A four-year-old boy has been rescued by firefighters after getting his head lodged inside the hole of a massage table.  

Officers from the local fire department first had to use scissors to cut the table’s fabric open, but the child still could not be freed.

One of the firemen was forced to cut their way through the foam with a hand-held saw, while others protected the child’s body from the sharp edges. 

Firefighters were called to a massage parlour where boy’s head was lodged in a massage table

Firefighters used a hand-held saw to cut through the massage table and free the boy’s head

Finally, one of the officers produced a giant crowbar, and proceeded to pry open the wood and dismantle the table.

At least four firefighters as well as police and medical personnel were on the scene in Ninghai, China, when the boy’s head was finally dislodged.

The boy – who was remarkably calm throughout the whole incident – was checked for head and torso injuries before a fireman handed him to his mother.



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One officer used a huge crowbar to pry open the wood and foam away from the boy’s head

The child was unharmed and appeared bemused by the whole incident, while the mother applauded the fireman as her child’s head finally came free.

1News speculated that the boy was attempting to imitate his mother, who was receiving a massage at a parlour in the Ninghai County of Zhejiang, China.

The incident is not as rare as it seems – it’s happened to at least five children in the past three years.


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